What Gelsoft meant to me

Since my introduction to the sport, I’ve felt a sense of belonging with like-minded people. My first game was an open Friday game night, and the sheer number of people who turned up astounded me. A friend had also found the sport and conveniently turned up on the same day, and we grouped up and had an absolute blast. I then introduced myself to a group of people in the corner of the room wearing every kind of tactical gear imaginable, and they were very kind to point out some improvements to my own kit. As my knowledge of teamwork and social communication expanded, I got a chance to play alongside some professional players and received commendation for pinpointing the opposition. By my second game, I invested heavily in more tactical gear to carry equipment easily, and that was the day I bought my first tactical path at Perth Gel Ballers. As strange as it sounds, this patch will always be with me, regardless of what happens next. It took me a while to integrate with how the venue operated, but once I understood gametypes, field methods, and sufficient strategy, I felt I was ready for something more. Unfortunately, that day would turn out to be the day they shut down our glorious community, and I remember feeling dread and devastation. I would miss the people I connected with, and the referees and staff who taught me what I know today, and most importantly I would miss using such a unique piece of technology. For the duration that the fun lasted, it was one hell of an experience, and I would do it all again just for that sense of amazement as to how organised this place was. Thank you for the great memories guys and all the best in the near future.

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