What Gel Ball has meant for me

For me gelball has meant being able to socialise. As someone who does struggle with social anxiety many normal forms of social life have been hard for me to handle. However with the combination of the blasters themselves, the fun of the games and the diverse group that all have this sport in common have allowed me to break free of the grip of anxiety and actually go out, meet new people, exercise and above all else Have Fun.

In this day and age when the importance of mental health is being increasingly recognised I found the dismissive attitude of the minister during the press conference to people such as myself not only disheartening but callous and perhaps even cruel. I would challenge the minister and the commissioner to come down to one of the centres and see our sport in action. Maybe then they can see how they are judging a large group of players by the foolish and misguided actions of a few.

In the relatively brief period I have been involved in organised gel ball skirmishing I have met a large number of people whom never without gel ball would I have met and made friends with otherwise. Not only that it has without a doubt been improving my fitness, as now I have a good reason for being fitter than I have been.

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