Today is the Day

Well today the 3rd of July 2021 is the day the Communist labour Party of Western Australia banned public fun in the community.
One for the history books and one i think they wont live down.
I am in a small rural community a few months ago and after some research and information gathering: something the government cant seem to do: i found a thriving gelball community in the west not just QLD.
I began to talk to some friends about it and there overwhelming reaction was hell yes, so i ran a survey in the local shopping center and received a very positive reaction to starting the activity, every answer came back where and when.
The idea was to purchase some equipment and hold a BBQ information and try it day at which people became excited about. Then the announcement and it was over before it began.The words used by the community to describe the ministers action can not be put to print.
The clear manipulation of this situation thru misinformation and blatant lies has an agenda behind it and that in itself is criminal.
This activity thru roll play is practiced all over the world, we need to stop cowering like rabbits behind a fence and step out and engage the world for a children and for what our ancestors fought for.
The minister and premier should be ashamed to call them selves Australian and should never be called West Australian.

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