Something to live for…

As the heading says, it is something to live for. We all live our lives as law abiding citizens and contribute to the government by paying taxes. Having a 9-5 job is the boring part of many people’s lives. Yes we live for our family, partners, and career objectives but these are the thoughts we have that are already existing from the start of life. Having gel blasters as a sport gives many individuals the reasons to be excited about the end of our working week where we can go out and vent our frustrations at controlled fields while at the same time, building new friendships and having fun. We come back from work each day excited about getting ready for the weekend. Moving from high school to university and then to adulthood of working, we lose our existing friends due to these changes of different paths we choose in our lives. With this sport, we stay connected every week.

Lastly, having gel blasters as a sport where we can release stress on the playing field, allows us individuals to become better people to the public. Many of us wont become rich and famous, but that mindset is disregarded when a sport like gel blasters is around.

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