So much money lost

I originally got my first gel blaster years ago and now own 4, as well as my friends own 1 or 2 each. We all loved to take them camping or up to our friends big property and have fun with them!

We never used them in public or pretended they were real guns, and I myself have spent at least $500 on them over the years. That’s a lot of money to now have to just throw away!

When I purchased them they were a LEGAL TOY and now to have to hand them in without any compensation because some individuals have done bad with them is completely unfair. It basically means I have lost all that money never to get it back…

The police need to change this law or at least offer some form of compensation. These toys were just a cheaper fun way to play paintball with some mates without having to fork out ridiculous amounts of money on ammo.

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