I was so exited to start gel balling i had all the gear ready to start i did all the research on the gear i needed to be safe while playing and also while transporting all my gear. I’m absolutely gutted that the government can just make a decision like this without any sort of conversation with the appropriate people that are involved in the sport and the people that have worked so hard to get this sport up and running in our state. I want paste something i found on what happened between the gel ball community in QLD and the police minister. Since 2018, Queensland police have taken action 100 times against people caught misusing the blasters and frightening members of the public.

Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan said there had been extensive consultation with the gel ball community and it had worked with the industry “to land a win-win for everyone”.

“Not only did we secure this industry to allow the sport to continue, but we also formalised a set of safety rules so that individuals, our police, and the broader community feels safe,”
Why cant this happen here instead of na not good enough i don’t like it so we are going to shut it down, we as a majority should be heard, it just seems that now day the minority seems to either be ruining it for the rest of us or their voices seem to be louder than the rest of us i’m not sure. All i know is that i didn’t even get to fire a shot so this is my shot that i’m taking it might not be with my gel blaster but i hope the right people will listen to the rest of us and take note.

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