Save a Sport

I have a teenage son with type1 diabetes…its been hard for me to get him to be active with sport, but gel balling was the one thing he gravitated to, as it was the teamwork and the sense of belonging, he required, while he was feeling alone and at times helpless with his had become far too easy for him to sit on a pc and just play…perhaps more violent games, gel balling got him active, found him new friends and provided me, an anxious parent, with a sense of, he is at least doing something to burn some energy, besides the other benefits of meeting new friends and being active…it was win win for us all as a family…our gel gun has never left our house except for competitions and is stored and packed already as a firearm…put in a bag, concealed till its ready to be used in a place for such a time…ie an event…if i can own a real gun because i wish to shoot ducks or other wildlife, I or my son should be able to own a gel blaster for reasons other than hunting…recreation…

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