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I’m a pretty recluse sort of a guy going along to a community event took abit of consideration. Since going through some health issues and not able to continue working and covid i was resigned to being a stay home grandad which I didn’t mind, my intro to Gel ball was an invigorating sort of experience much more fulfilling then I or even my family would come to expect, for them they could notice change from my person as they know me, to someone who found a bit of purpose then the norm. I joined a group forum with a bunch of guys that in day to day life i probably would never have any interaction with, and meeting actually meeting a whole community of individuals from different backgrounds with their own storie some not so different to mine embracing the sport/hobby of Gel ball. One very obvious fact was the radiant smiles these guys or girls displayed when talking of their experiences through playing a game such as Gel ball. And the guys who host these events the time and effort they put in to accommodating evrybodies needs has to be described as a passion for the sport. Good peoples . The positives of this game Gel ball have to be of great benefit physically and emotionally.

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