Please don’t ban Gel Blasters! We are not a communist country are we?

Having two sons with Autism, they deal with much stresses having a gel blaster has given them so much joy and a positive focus in life. We have bird problems were we live so their goal is to keep the pesty birds under control by doing boarder patrol around our yard on a daily basis. They never abuse their privileges, they never go out in public with them, when friends visit their guns remain locked up etc. They have learnt to be responsible and understand the consequences if they were to breach these rules which they have never done. To take these guns away will cause meltdowns, anxiety will be through the roof and I am deeply concerned about their mental wellbeing. The direction given by the Police Commissioner / Minister for Police was extremely disappointing they current government is very imbalanced and there doesn’t appear to be much consultation in this decision. There was a lot of holes in the interview upon the announcement ie. the guns being converted which they can not, the threat to police officers (they cannot shoot unless the person holding the gun does), 147 callouts based on the fact there is approximately 150000 gel guns within WA no body has been hurt, one hold up (they could have easily purchased a gun from Kmart and spray painted it black for example) this is just some examples and then for the police commissioner to say go an get another hobby to say that to an Autistic child that is unacceptable.
once again the government has made a ruling without community engagement and the emotive examples used are not factual. In other States they have tackled this differently and come up with workable solution, why not WA

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