Please Do Not Ban Gel Blasters

Not exactly what you wanted but it is my reason I like Gel Blasters: I am an ex RAAF Security Police Airman (4th Generation ADF and Proud RSL Member) and an ex Paramedic. Currently I am a Ranger and Community Safety Officer for the City of Canning as well as an Instructor and Safety Advisor with the Australian Air Force Cadets. I have also collected Military Memorabilia all of my life which will be displayed at the new Ocean Reef Marina (Once completed) for the Joondalup City RSL display cabinet’s as I will be the caretaker for the memorabilia. These include replica and innocuous rifles, currently all legal in Western Australia. I recently purchased a modern looking Rifle which is a Gel Blaster which is also designated for the display, I was hoping to purchase more for the collection, including a F88 Styer to display my personal history from the RAAF. I also have two small 100% plastic Gel Blasters that is used as toys with nephews. I enquired about making all these innocuous but was told by Police “No” and they are prohibited and must be handed in for destruction.

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