Playing helped my nephew with his depression

I own A few gelblasters and mainly use them Primarily to shoot targets. Recent My sister had to leave her husband because of Domestic Violence and is currently going through a divorce. She moved into my household and I became carer for my nephew. Being very stressed out and introverted not talking to his phycologist, he got bullied and school by older kids and even started to physically vomit from the stress, he now has to be home schooled and spend all day on his computer gaming. There are only two ways i can get him outside to do any physical activity, Disconnect the internet, Or invite his cousins over and have a few gel blaster games. When we play the games usually last for 2 to 3 hours, we have a huge 2 storey house so we run around like crazy. He is a hands on kid and likes researching guns and finding out what we can do to upgrade the guns and often strips down his gun to fix things himself. I also work with disengaged kids, I think having a gelblaster club in my community would be a valuable tool for people working with kids to turn them away from smoking, drinking, drugs, teenage pregnancy. I could see a potential for schools using gelblaster club as a positive reinforcement and motivation tool for positive behavior in my community. Talk to youth workers like myself, and school councilors getting some of these kids interested in a hobby can save their lives and keep some in school.

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