Perfect for me

You tube videos tends to focus on the macho cosplay side of the sport. Until a friend took me to a gruelling 6 hour outdoor game. I’m fat, 60 year old man with a bum leg, I can’t jump nor run, but oh boy, I enjoyed every minute of it. This is what a community sport is. Young or old, fat or thin, small or big, single or family, everybody can enjoy it. This is a brain experience. You form a story in your mind where you are a the hero, even the villain, a tactician or a rambo, be a general or a grunt. You don’t even need a blaster. Be a medic, nurse, ref, film maker, hostage, rescuer, the bravest or the coward, whatever. Camaraderie is amazing, no bad vibes, sharing is great. So many stories. So sad it has to end. Only been on 3 games.

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