My Illegal Toys

Been here in Western Australia for 8 years I have never been in trouble with the police and I have never had any traffic offences
I have been working for 8 years started two weeks after arriving, the past 3 years I started to drink more with possible undiagnosed anxiety spells which meant less time with my partner and kids, I started losing myself until the day I started playing Gelball, After games I was able to sleep better at night I felt happier my kids saw it and my partner then who is my fiancée now also saw the change, playing this sport gave me a sense of pride and the strength to continue fulfilling my parental duties as a father of five, this sport was something I needed for myself I saved for many months to get my gel blasters and accessories which I now have too and will be handing in, this feeling of being robbed of my hard earned personal toys is so terribly upsetting…

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