My Gelball Journey So Far

Due to him leaving home not long after I came on the scene, I had not had a lot to do with my partner’s son. I found him to be very polite and we had a good relationship although it was very distant. He invited me to CQB just before Christmas so my best mate and I went along on a Friday night and we were both hooked from the get go.

I now go every Friday night and spend quality time with my partner’s son. We have something in common now and are both very excited to buy, mod, and play with new equipment.

I have bought and sold a few blasters now and with mods and accessories would easily have put a few thousand dollars into the sport / economy.

Over the past couple of months I have met some really great people. Other players and staff are great and you can tell there is a real “community” feel. Both offer great advice ranging from blaster mods to tactics and I spend much of my time on and off the field laughing often with someone I’ve only met that night.

I see many different walks of life and each one brings their own perspective which brings great diversity to the sport.

Speaking of sport – what a workout !!! I am felling fitter by the week and can move more freely now and find I have more energy.

I guess to summarise, I have developed a deeper relationship with family and friends and at the same time I am doing something good for my body. I feel part of a bigger community and look forward to seeing you all on the fields (preferably in my sights).

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