My gel ball story

I went to high school with Paks and we reconnected last year. I decided to try gel blasting, he told me about it in high school but I wasn’t interested then. I was so nervous at my first game, wasn’t sure how painful it could be. I decided to let Paks land a hit on me so I can experience what it was like to be hit by the gel balls. I got scared and argued against it but Kyle took out his glock and shot me in the leg. It was a shock at first but it was definitely funny and a highlight of my first night there. I’ve made a lot of mistakes on the course and would hide while my friend Tim ran out and got heaps of marks on his body. People at GBG respected me and gave me a lot of helpful advice, I appreciate all you have done for me and I hope this isn’t the end for gel balling. This place is the reason I reconnected with Paks and got to hang out with him before he passed away. Thank you GBG!

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