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I have only recently started gelsoft as a sport, I haven’t really played anything since injuries from playing Footy, but gelsoft has gotten me back out with a low impact sport. Although gel blasters are toys it is really interesting to figure out the mechanics and see everyone else creations.
I have enjoyed my short time with this sport and how good it is with very little impact is has to the environment and how happy it makes people, you go to events and all you see is smiles and people having a good time from young kids bonding with their fathers to older guys that are retired it’s really good to see such a diverse group, majority male dominated but a lot of females have also joined and they love it just as much as everyone else. I believe that gelsoft could create a massive impact on the economy as it provides jobs for many people and of course buying the gel balls and accessories for the blasters keeps cash flowing. Something so small has made a huge impact for many people with meeting new people, creating jobs and bringing out their creative minds to paint the blasters, dress up in camo clothing and large groups talking about common interest.
I love how similar but yet different it is to paintball, low impact on the body but still with protective equipment, you can play indoor and outdoor. I believe the only problem we have is the lack of information to the public and people of power on this sport/hobby. There are a few campaigns out for gel blaster awareness and I think it is great. We just need to get it more out there.

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