Life-Changing for me and my son

My son has severe Autism and finding anything that we can do together was basically impossible. Me and his mother have fun with him but nothing was fun for ALL of us. We all loved shooting our blasters in the backyard but always wanted to get out and play.
Our first game was LIFE-CHANGING. ASD Level III means that he gets sensory overload, and let’s face it, nobody likes getting shot. So the first time he got hit he was kind of upset, so we took a break and chilled and I sat there and felt like The Worst Father Ever for subjecting my kid to this, no matter how excited he was to do it. Then one by one, all these other players kept coming by with fist-bumps and kind words. Nhat sat with my little guy (7-yo at the time) and told him how brave he was and how he was going to “get out there and shoot them buggers next game”. All these big dudes in full kit coming over to my little man, telling him how brave he was and how he was going to shoot the bad guys next match, it made a difference. When the biggest guy out there (Lawson!) popped out of cover the next game and… well, was a really bad shot while rushing toward us, haha, and my little man got to empty a mag into him while yelling something with bravado… well he was hooked. We’ve played or attending at least once a fortnight for 2 straight years now, he got the nickname “Sgt Drew” and he still loves it more than just about any other hobby or activity that we do.
So what has it meant to my life? It’s changed it completely. We’ve got a shared hobby, a supportive and inclusive community and something the entire family loves and can do together. It’s been one of the best thing to ever happen to us!

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