I went to GBG tonight

I went to GBG tonight only with the intention to spectate after watching a Livestream from the GBG guys.
I wasn’t organised to play, but being there felt better than not being there tonight.

I saw a few people i had played games with and got chatting, explaining I just came to watch and hadn’t organised for a game night . Very quickly, I was offered by one of the guys his backup Blaster to get in on the game, He even let me use his better built one!

This exact comradery, this exact community spirit and Altruism is ALL i have ever been met with in my time since starting Gelsoft.
I have never in my time of Gelsoft met anyone who has suggested doing anything illegal or dangerous with them.
Safe gameplay, Safe transport and mutual respect is all I have ever seen from our Community of Gelballers in WA. I have made some amazing Friends. Working alongside these friends pushes me to Do more, be more outgoing and Altruistic to others, myself.

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