I was discharged from the

I was discharged from the army in 2009 due to injury.
This was a time of my life that took a heavy toll on my mental health as I had no other career aspirations and I’d put everything I had into joining the armed forces.
I was supported by the dept of veteran affairs and rehabilitated into a new career, however my injury is long term and unresolved by treatment.
In this new career, I met and became good friends with another ex serving army member, who only very recently got me into gelball for a bit of fun and nostalgic reminiscence of times past. I’ve only been to a handful of games, but I’ve seen that there is a passionate community of other like-minded people. A community still in its infancy, which, like my military career, was cut short before it ever got a chance to be all it could be.

I am deeply disappointed with the ban.
I hope consideration is given to the regulation of the sport.

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