I have invested $4,515.68 into Gel blaster’s and accessories so will the government pay that back to me ????. Gel blaster’s 100% environmentally friendly are banned but paintball guns are completely the opposite but are not banned ??.

Paintball guns and games are very expensive and cause alot of injuries but with these gel blaster’s and the games that follow means you don’t have to spend big amounts of money. You don’t get the bigger injury’s with the gel balls and if you compare that the gel balls are 100% environmentally friendly were the paint ball ammo is the complete opposite of eco-friendly go figure.
Getting into the world of gel balling means that you can connect alot closer to your kids without having to spend big in the dollar figure and it helps detach our kids from there phone’s, social media, PS4, X-box and so on and gets them out into the real world and into the sun light.
Now for people like me who want to get into the gel ball games 100% then you will indeed put some serious funds into you blaster’s and accessories and since the government made these legal alot of us have spent huge dollars so if the ban stays the government will have to reimburse us back for every dollar that we will lose having to had over our blaster’s to the police so get ready to be sued Western Australian Government by thousands of people.
I myself from the dates of 13th April 2020 to 31st May 2021 have invested $4,515.68 and there is no way the government can say to bad hand it all over.

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