How Gel Ball Changed Me

In the last couple of years, I knew of Gelball and always wanted to play. It sparked my interest in many different areas and likes. I one day decided to go see what it was about and fell in love. At the time I was slightly depressed, not exercising, and not meeting many people socially. Since I got to play, I have been welcomed into the community, come out of depression and even started slowly reversing a rare lung disease I had developed on top of an already on going back injury. I met so many great people who were very nice, shared good information and even maintained a good mental health from doing something that allowed me a sense of freedom I used to have. It doesn’t need to be played fast and it was fun to dress and act in the way we did. It’s been a short amount of time I have been able to enjoy it, yet it has done so much already. It’s kinda like the saying, when life give you lemons, make lemonade.. This is my lemonade and it breaks my heart to see what is currently happening. Its going to be a long way forward, but it seems to be crashing down around me. Like everyone else, we just want to be happy and this was a distraction that gave me great satisfaction. It’s hard for me to think, something so harmless has to be put to rest as they want to do. But with it you will be taking so much more then it being “Just a Hobby” because it was so much more. There’s many hobbies I would like to do, but this allowed me to go at my own pace, have fun, socialise and do it all cost effectively, that does not exist in many hobbies I have already been apart of. If I go back to my old hobbies and clubs I can accept that, but it’s not just me, and so many people don’t have the backgrounds to learn certain hobbies, or have the physicality to do so. This all takes, time, skill and dedication. Yet it will all be for nothing if it comes down to it.

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