I was a farm girl in Port Arthur Tasmania so I learnt to shoot from a young age but when the Port Arthur massacre in 1995 happen I was still living there at the time I never wanted to pick up a gun or be near one so when my husband was showing me gel blasters I was scared and I said you can have one but I would never touch it, it was just to close to home and brought back all the memory’s of that day it wasn’t til the gel blaster arrived that I started to relax my husband told me to just hold it to start with and then as time went on I could fire it and the more I used it the more I relaxed and didn’t get scared or cry it was a huge help now with my job I can go out once a week and just let go of all the stress of the week relax and have fun with all the new friends I have made. I never get scared or cry when I hear a backfire of a car or see or hear about guns on the tv or in public.
Gel blasters saved me now when I think of that day I remember my loved ones who I lost but not I a way where I would hide for days in my room or in myself and I can now talk about it with all of you.
Thank you Perth GBG for all you do and did for me

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