Gelsoft has helped me stay fit and social.

I am a really shy person, I’m not good at sports, I don’t enjoy going for runs or the gym and I have a lot of trouble meeting people. Before I started playing gelsoft I wasn’t in a good place mentally, I was alone, unfit and running out of reasons to keep getting up in the morning.

One day someone I didn’t talk to much showed me some pictures and told me that gelsoft was in Perth and that weekend we went to the hobby convention which had a small stall and we instantly loved it. within a few weeks we had gone to Perth GBG CQB and now fast forward to now I have a facebook group of people we got along with in our games and we all chat and help each other out.

This is the only hobby I have ever loved collecting for and its cheap enough to get into without breaking the bank so I don’t feel guilty going out to do it.

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