Gelblasting good for sons social and physical health

My son after renting a gel Blaster saved and purchased his own equipment.
Taking him on a Sunday for at least 5 hours of fun and teamwork on the bush has been great for my boy.
He has taken his cousins and friends and had so muxh fun.
The organised and controlled environment is the only way my son has been allowed to participate. The safety precautions are set and monitored and is taken seriously by the groups.
all grouos are welcoming , they enjoy lunch outside and have a good healthy day.
I recommend this sport to friends and family.
Very dissapointed with the ban on gel blasters. a small minority ruining the safe fun of good people.
I personally don’t see the difference between that and paintballing. I’ve seen more bruises from paint balls for sure ! they are allowed on controlled environments.
please reconsider.

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