Gelballing with my kids

I have twin 10yo boys who I get once a month as I left there narcosis mother. Ad I don’t get them very much I was upset as I couldn’t take them to any sport as they werent around for training or for regular games. Last month was the first time I have taken them to the indoor gelball place and oh boy did we have fun. Not only were they away from their computer games running around it was a fantastic father and son outing. I’m also trying to teach them fixing things, using tools and their hands. We had bought a blaster each using there pocket money they had saved and we planned on upgrading them thus teaching them that skill also.

I’m really bummed that they now have been banned. Seeing them running around laughing and having fun made me feel like a number 1 dad. Now knowing I can’t take them again and have to hand there blasters in makes me sad. I’m not looking forward to telling my boys that we can’t go again.

Please rethink the total ban. There is no logical reason why we can’t licence them or put serial numbers on the gel blasters so that the sport can live on.


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