Gelballing – A cultural experience.

Totally changed my life. At my 1st game 2 years ago, I didn’t know what to expect. I found a sporting community that was helpful and sharing. Safety rules and behavioural codes were explained straight away. This made me feel that I was playing in a safe field, a place I could bring my kids to. It also establishes a level of fairness.
The games are an extremely cathartic experience, all my stresses of the week melt away. Senior players are incredibly kind and patient with the kids.
The lunches are provided for a small fee: anything from Vietnamese Pho to a Chinese buffet to a sausage sizzle ! It warms my heart to see guys , that I would never have expected to see, pick up a pair of chopsticks and tuck into some beef noodle soup. There is no prejudice here, we are Aussies one and all, a real success story of multiculturalism! I have never felt closer to my kinsman in my adopted country, a beautiful place with great, open hearted people.
This is a sports community in its infancy. It’s Not just a replaceable hobby and it’s more than just an investment. Like all sports clubs, there are volunteers who have invested a great amount of time and energy to build something viable.
I hope and wish that gel blasters can be reintroduced in some regulated form so that we can return to our beloved sport.

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