Gelball changed my life physically and mentally.

Before I knew about gelball I had no friends or hobbies and suffered from depression and only sat at home and played video games everyday. I really wanted to play sports and make friends but I could not due to having no experience in any sports and being very unfit to the extent that physical activity was very hard.

The day I found out that gelball existed (late 2018)and that people played in Perth was finally a chance for me to finally try and make friends and get physical activity in my life. I knew I would be able to relate to people at gelball since I played video games and it sort of related.

Playing my first game was the best experience ever. I was able to talk to alot of people with similar interests in hobbies and also be able to move around and have fun for once in my life. From that first day I got hooked and finally got to make some friends. as time went by I was able to make my dreams come true by doing something I loved and meeting new people, all my mental illnesses disappeared and was happy for once in my life .

Years past and at this point gelball became a big part of my life. I was in a gelball squad named “Hellfish”, had lots of loving and supporting friends and an empty wallet due to buying gelblasters and gear all the time. I was able to overcome all my mental illnesses and develop myself physically. I was able to make friends very easily and become someone in life.

This would of never been possible without gelball. Gelball literally changed my life and I cant thank all the people and communities that helped me through these years playing along side them.

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