Gelball and Improving Mental Health

I got into Gelball because I had a break down. I needed to find a sport which was active, fun and surrounded by a positive community. I found it in the Gelball community.

The games are just like social paintball events, with added strategy and tech talk. It’s a bunch of like minded friends channelling their inner Rambo or GI Jane in a sport that offers no physical harm. At the worst you head home with a few tiny bruises.

The current legislation is absurd and the government needs to at least offer chance for consideration of the licensing scheme adopted in South Australia.

I treat my blasters as if they are real firearms, and as such are always stored securely and transported in a rifle bag to and from games. If you weren’t at a game you would never know that I even own one. In fact, I’ve always had anxiety about anything mechanical- but working on my blasters has opened up my mind to an entirely new skill set.

I love the sport of Gellball and the positive addition it has brought to my life. It’s one of the least toxic sporting communities I’ve been a part of.

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