Gel Ball pulled me out if the darkness.

It’s long as fuck! But how is this?

There’s a black dog scratching at my door, demanding he come in.
Although I try to ignore him, the black dog always wins.
Once inside he haunts my soul and dictates my thoughts and deeds.
And like a fool I heed him and I pander to his greeds.

Those who’ve never met him would doubt his presence here.
They scoff his very mention and scold my tears and fear.
Little do they realise that my world is falling down.
And they just dismiss my feelings and ignore that I’m around.

Late at night the black dog lurks and hinders me from rest.
Depression overwhelms me and my heart sinks in my chest.
The tears I cry are done alone, and hope, never in a crowd.
For a man to cry its just not done, such weakness, not allowed

Get a grip the wise ones cry, grow up and act your age!
Only you can fix it, just turn another page!
If it was that simple, then it would be done and dusted.
But the black dog says pay no heed, no ones to be trusted.

So on it goes each dreary day, this world of pain and sorrow.
I just wish I could go to sleep and not awake tomorrow.
But the black dog’s bark will bring me back to endure another day.
Where my sun has lost its wondrous shine and my sky is dank and grey.

I have a sinking feeling that the black dog has a plan,
that will test the very fibre of this backward fucked up man.
He will of course suggest that I just end this fucking life.
And he will then simply wander off and destroy another’s life

Until then I must pay him heed and succumb to his demands,
and resign myself to tears and fears and make no worthwhile plans.
And when my time on earth is done and my wasted life’s gone cold,
you’ll have no need to feed my dog – he has feasted on my soul.

This right here! ^^^^

This was me, before I became involved in Gel Ball with Perth Gel Blaster Group (PGBG) and other gel blasting groups.
The friends I have made are amazing, friendly people from all walks of life.

Gel ball gave me something to focus on, something new to learn, something to distract me from day to day life while suffering from severe anxiety and depression.

When I’m out there playing with friends, not only am I physically active and getting exercise while having fun, but my brain is also active. Thinking of “tactics” on the move for how to achieve the objective for that game scenario, where to move on the field.

The connection with the community means so much to myself and many others. On and off the field.
Meeting with friends to work on our blasters in between games learning a new new skill set and being social.

Before I started gel ball my anxiety kept me house ridden. I’d go to work, come home, spend time with the kids then go to bed. And my spare time was spent usually infront of the Playststion, ignoring people and declining invites out due to social anxiety, and then the depression creeping in.

I can assure you I am not the only one that gel ball has helped in this way.

Don’t take this hobby away from us. This sport means so much to so many people.
Help us meet you half way and come to an agreement that we are all happy with.

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