Gel Ball Helped my social life

I was bitten by a tick in the mining sector and contracted Lyme Disease which is not recognised in Australia.

I have been bed ridden for almost 3 years now and my friends have all disappeared due to not being able to leave my house or being cared for by my family. Gelball gave me something to keep my mind active as I love to tinker and a sense of social ability talking with the friendly community and making new friends.

I have always loved guns and used to have ranked shoots within the pistol division in Perth but due to my health I have not been able to afford the expensive membership fees.

This sport was going to be my outlet and was something I could go down and play without having the pressure that I have to play a full day. I could play and if I had to sit down due to Lyme Disease I could and the people there are caring and accommodating much more then our own government turning it’s back on Lyme Disease patients with no support at all.

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