Gel Ball helped me get out of the house & develop teamwork skills

Gel Ball has seen me get out of the house, exercise, be active and be social and WANT to be with people. Customising and fixing my blaster has given me a new crafting hobby and taught me new skills. Gel ball itself is a great stress relief, video games but in real life, and furthers teaching skills like teamwork and cooperation and even my partner has seen an increase in my general happiness and mood at home since attending games, so it’s helped with my depression too.
It was a good option for me to spend time with friends with night games, as most other activities are closed by the time I finish work, and it was cheap to play.
It might have eventually lead to a small paid hobby of customising blasters for others too to help pay for things at home, as I did this with NERF blasters.

Some of my best recent memories have been at gel ball games, despite only just getting into the hobby it’s already my favourite thing. Everyone is so friendly, so ready to help others new or old.

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