Gel Ball has saved me!

I’ve suffered severe Clinical Depression and Anxiety Disorder for more years than I care to, or even can, think about. This has led to long term social isolation.

A friend, knowing I’m ex-Army, thought that Gel Blasters would help me out of my shell. He showed me his blaster and invited me to a meet. I was intrigued but very apprehensive to be surrounded by so many people. Just going for my weekly shop is an excercise in fear.

Nevertheless, I dug deep and found a tiny part of the courage that served me so well as a Soldier. So I went and I haven’t looked back! Now I can relate to the community (and not just the Gel community!). I look at leaving my home as potential fun, not certain fear. My mental health has progressed in leaps and bounds!

My psychiatrist is amazed at my progress after years of suicidal misery! To take away our Gel Blasters, with less than three weeks notice and no community consultation or offer of compensation? On the whim of one man who said “i don’t care. Find a new hobby.”

Absolutely unconscionable! And what harm will such a decision do to me? My health, both mental and physical will be set back years.

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