Gel ball and the community

Gel ball and the community and staff from cqb have been vital part of my personal recovery.
I would play every Friday night with my best friend jade, one night when I was playing at cqb when I got A phone call from jades mum telling me that jade had died in a car crash, instantly the staff working that night opened up there arms and took care of me sat me down gave me something to drink and a place to just try and relax and then they gave a me a lift home and brought my car aswell. Not only was the staff amazing that night but the gel ball community was aswell, I was sitting out front balling my eyes out crying when a bloke came over and sat with me calming me and helping me and that person is now my best friend and we have played every Tuesday night together since then.

After jade died I went into a mental health clinic to try get back on track. Whilst in the clinic the staff from cqb And the community from cqb did everything they could to help and support me, I wouldn’t be back in a stable and secure position in life if it wasn’t for my family at cqb.

Gel ball isn’t about guns(proper name is blasters) or violence gel ball is what brings people together to enjoy a sport which we love

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