Future Blues Weekends

I have always been a sporty person. My youngest boy was not like me. I introduced gim into football and he played for two seasons before quitting and being on the Playstation for hours. He would rarely leave his room for meal. When he found gellballing, He was a different person. He wanted to go out onto the outdoors, the bush. He enjoyed camping after that. He walks tall, full of confidence. He has even joint the ARMY CADETS and wants to be a Police Officer to serve the community, OUR community. For myself, as a 52 years old IT person, who works in an office with no physical activity during the football off season. Gelballing has become the best mean to keep me fit and as healthy as I can be. Running cross country, up and down a hill, through the bush and with a heavy load while carrying all the army outfit, sweating buckets loads of sweat and carrying our beloved harmless GEL BLASTER has kept me healthy. I am sure Gel Balling has complemented football in keeping me healthy. Keeping my son mentally and physically healthy and not putting any further burdens in the health system.

I believe gel ball club members are not causing any issues as we make sure, a club members, not to display or use our blasters in public. I am sure the people who have caused alarm in the community and have place the police force into a tense situation do NOT belong to a club and are not regulated and trained into community safety.


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