Fun, friends, and better health.

Gelsoft combines some of the best aspects of my interests, i love tinkering with electronics, and modifying gel blasters is what started me in the hobby. I was doing that long before I joined in on the games and it developed my electronic skills.

Im not the most physically active person in general, exerscise is something i struggled to find motivation for. Gelsoft is good because I get so lost in the game i don’t even notice how much of a workout it is, there is no other way i would be able to run around for an hour almost non-stop, I actually started loosing weight for the first time because of it.

Not to mention its a fantastic social oppertunity. Its basically my only social activity these days.. that aspect helped with my depression but now its gone im worried I worried i might slip back. It was one of my favorite hobbies, and the only one that had any social aspect to it. Now im going back being alone. It’s hardly fair.

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