From Start to finish……

Gelball has been a hobby and a sport I pretty much committed to from after my very first game back in 2018, I had played most sports but none had given me the thrill and exercise that that one game did in 4 hours. I myself am very skinny, frail and somewhat on the backend of the health spectrum, I thought to myself what could go wrong besides heat stroke? I have been going to every Baldivis game since then, minus if I’m not mistaken forced closures, 2 missed games due to injury and 1 because work said no. Gelball itself especially through PGBG has been an experience where I have met all types of people Vets, Fire fighters, FIFO, designers, Car guys, Current serving military, school kids half my size, security guards, those with special needs, teachers and most of all anyone with the interest to have a go at Gelball. I feel like this sport like it has been to many others is a stress reducing sport/hobby which worked so well that it made COVID flash by every second weekend, and when the games got canned I was excited for when they came back. I spent so much money and time into this sport to where I probably might be addicted so much so even my new mates think I might have a problem with my gelballs. But regardless through gelball I have met some of the most passionate people for the sport and some of the most interesting folk to chat with every weekend that now which I can call some of the best mates I have ever had. I through gelball make up one of the few very small THOUSANDS of people who enjoy this hobby as a whole, to have it taken without any literal reasoning seems unjustifiable.

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