Feeling accepted

When I got accepted into the group and talked to a few of the members I feel like I was being accepted by people. I felt really positive and more confident. I felt like a made friends that are active and outside all the time. My friends stay at home and play games and never go outside. I was all alone with no friends to ride my bike with and hang out outside. Perth GBG is full of supportive wonderful people who are willing to help and give to the new comers like me and a lot of people. They offered me free gel balls extra magazines so I can have a better experience in the game. These people know how to have fun and enjoy their lives and make other’s feel better. People may see us as bad people with “real looking guns” but if they see how we treat each other within our community I believe they will instantly change their mind. If we as a group lived in the same community I believe we would be the best community in Perth.

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