Even LARP and Cosplayers have these for their costume accuracy

Not as much as those who regularly play the sport, but the gel blaster guns are some of the best around for accuracy when participating in a LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) game event or attending a Cosplay (costume play) event. At all times safety is priority when my one has been with me at either event and there has never been an injury caused by the one combination airsoft/gel blaster plastic gun that I possess as part of my Aliens USCM costume. I even went as far as commissioning a local leather crafter to design and make a special holster for it at a cost of $300.00, so it was as accurate as possible to the movie when worn with my Aliens USCM costume and holstered at all times to not be a threat to anyone. I was quite insulted when the current WA McGowan government insinuated that the only people who would own a gel blaster item would also be a criminal offender: he needs to talk to MP David Templeman and remember that the RahCon Pop Culture Convention happens on his doorstep at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. I’m sure they’ll both be just as happy to go on stage there in 2021 and tell all of the LARP and Cosplay paying attendees that they’re all criminals because of their costume and hobby choices. Then we’ll respond by spending our money elsewhere and the event will no longer support the local community businesses who still really need it: they missed our money in 2020 when the event was cancelled due to Coronavirus lockdowns.

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