Discrimination of law abiding gelblasters

Many of my friends play gelblast, yes i understand the concern of the similarity of some of these toys to real firearms, but majority of the owners are law abiding and respect the laws.
By making the gelblasters illegal in WA you are only going to stop a growing population who enjoy this sport, if a criminal is going to commit a crime, they are doing so with that intent in mind, wether it be with a real firearm, replica, gelblast toy, knife, machete or pair of scissors. And we all know criminals dont follow the law so what makes you think banning gelblasters will make any difference to them.
what is going to stop them legally purchasing them interstate and posting or driving them into WA? The fact it is illegal…..? Just like all the drugs and real firearms that these criminals currently attemt to bring into WA. Make the penaltys for drugs and serious offences more respectable than a slap on the wrist or a short term stay in a 5 star prison. Once apon a time you were shiped to another country for stealing a loaf of bread, now that type of offence isnt worth the time to the police. And these people know it and this is how they live, at our expense.

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