Can’t believe it

Before gel ball I didn’t have any hobbies all I wanted to do is play call of duty on my pc, doing this has lead to weight gain, depression, and no friends. An advert popped up on my Facebook about a second gel blaster for sale and It was the same gun I used on call of duty. I obviously bought it and went to my local gelball field. Since then I have lost a lot of weight playing social games and I have also made new friends. Gelball is a great SPORT to get into. I love gel blasters and can’t believe that WA is banning it for really flawed reasons.

I can’t afford to get a gun license to play paintball and plus it hurts too much. Gel ball was the perfect fit for me, it fit my budget and helped me develop new technical skills which I will carry with me for ever.

Why does Australia have to ban everything. We are a joke in the eyes of other countries.

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