Building and Designing for more than 4 years

I have been building, repairing and modding Gel Blasters since the beginning, when I was young, we had BB pistols, air rifles and various other fun toys that did not require a licence, not that I’m agaisnt a licence, just against this nanny state socialistic attitude the government and the police have.

Simple answer here is, make the classified as Paint Ball style markers, have the similar restrictions.

The government and the police have totally forgotten, they work for us, they are there for us, not the other way around.

These things are toys, I can carve the shape of gun into a bar of soap and still be arrested if I use it in public, so what it looks like is irrelevant.

At what point does something become illegal? I can own a bow and arrow, but if I nail it a plank of wood, is it now claased as an illegal crossbow.

We can own replica weapons, if I remove the battery from Gel Blaster and hang it on the wall, is it now classed as a replica? how about if I stuff a ball bearing in the barrel, is that okay?

I personally built my weapons for display, they hang on my wall, I never actually use them, only on the odd occasion in my own home do I have quick shoot, that its, how can this be illegal?

I can manufacture a gel blaster with household parts and my 3D printer, is that also illegal? making toys at home? whats next, banning 3D printers, banning peoples hobbies, banning people from creating, hell, I can grab some wood of a tree and some bicycle tube, a piece of leather and a handfull of nuts, is this illegal?

This country is slowly becoming a socialistic communist dystopian asshole of a place.

I will continue to manufacture and create what ever I like in my own home, that I own apparently.

The government think that we are nothing but meat robots that exist just to make them money.

Well, If I cant have Gel Blasters, I will just go an buy some real guns, that’s a better alternative isn’t it 🙂

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