Best Time of my life

Starting off it was just a cool thing to do with my friends. First game was a blast I managed to break the hire blaster rip in peace’s there went $25 oh well was amazing fun. For a while I didn’t have my own but hired or borrowed from friends, until my special friend gave me one of theirs. It was great.
It was the first time exercise has ever been fun for me to do only sport I find interest in. It also helped me in unexpected ways. Ive got PTSD and anxiety( anxiety makes the PTSD worse and having PTSD gives me anxiety so its a deadly mix). Ive had Anxiety all my life and most of the time its constant, PTSD I’ve had for a few years now got it from events I went through 2018 and since then I’ve been rather useless to everyone and everything. I haven’t gotten away from either all together but for the first time in my life I’ve felt what its like not to have anxiety for an entire day even a week or so it was great. My PTSD has been much better too. I usually have to deal with flashbacks and nightmares every other week and ‘waves’ as they are called of time when it gets really bad for me and I’m stuck with flashbacks and nightmares daily and I became rather useless for as much as a month. But for the entire time I’ve been gellballing I’ve had very few problems a nightmare once in a while or a flashback but not anything that I couldn’t deal with reassembly easily. I’ve been So good that I managed to go to tafe and get my first certificate since school and I planned on going back and doing more study.
Gellballing has transformed my life from a fight every day to want to get up and do anything, into a Life where I can see myself getting a job and not being dragged down by my past. Unfortunately as for the ban of gellballing I see myself going down hill really fast, Its been really stressful sending emails to everyone I can and doing everything possible to save my sport.

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