Act, Belong, Commit for mental health.

I work in an office job in Cyber Security. At times, this can be very stressful. With the added stress of Covid-19 I wanted to ensure I was looking after myself both physically and mentally.

The wider Govt takes mental health seriously, especially with the “Act Belong Commit” advertising campaigns. I also take my mental health seriously, so should the minister for police around any legislation for this sport.

When looking for something to help relieve stress, I found gelball. It appealed to me as for several reasons:
* Relieves stress from my job. Allowing me to have something else to concentrate on while on the playing field.
* Imposed exercise for hours on end on the playing field. Being an office worker, I found this a great easy way to get several hours exercise a week without having to go to a boring gym.
* Allowed me to meet new people and forge new friendships outside the “IT circle”. This is especially relevant, as working in Cyber Security, all I ever do is deal with people who do the same thing as me.
* Gelball does not require a full face mask like paint ball, which can make me feel claustrophobic.
* Gives me the opportunity to tinker/fix my blasters myself which also expands the hobby to a mechanical technical level.

I have previously been in a car club, but found motorsport to not only be far more dangerous but also expensive. Gelball is an EXCELLENT fit for my fitness, stress relief, wallet and social opportunities.

When I purchased my blasters, I specifically joined a gelball club. I have only used them on my own private property (for setup/maintenance) and the designated WASP paintball playing fields when at club games. All other times they’re stored out of sight.

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