A spiral into dispare

Gelball has ment alot to me ive made friends, learnt to control my anxiety better, it improved my life and health alot. Then September 2020 i broke my ankle in a work related injury and have been off since and been off the field aswell.
The main thing getting me through this painfull and bad depressing stage in my life has been the fact i would be returning to the field.
Before the accident i was on field 3 or more times a week for hours. My fitness grew, my weight dropped along with my anxiety and depression. Now i have handed in my blasters ” that owe me well over $4000″ due to something that was legal now being made illegal because of a few minorities.
I am deeply disappointed in our government and police force for doing this. Also to clarify gel blasters cannot and will never be able to be made into a real gun. And as for the minorities who ruined our sport and well my life for a while now if you point one of these at someone or rob someone with a blaster you deserve to be gunned down. I feel all the efforts we are attempting to get our sports legalised are futile and ive already slipped back into my depression and feel once again my anxiety taking over.

Thank you WAPOL you have single handedly ruined a good thing.

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