A hobby to combat the demons

I suffered a life altering accident many years ago and since then the condition affecting my mobility has only worsened. I was finding myself unable to do everyday chores as well as my pain levels increased dramatically even though I’m currently on the highest pain medication possible for my situation. I was at a loose end without anything to take it away from my mind, the pain becomes a beast, affecting your normal thinking, and soon affecting your relationships to others.
I saw the stupid tac toys ads on you tube, pretty crappy over the top ads where everything is the best… I didn’t believe what I was seeing and so started researching gel blasters on my smartfone and a whole new community was revealed to me slowly, only young… but so fresh and full of good people genuinely interested in promoting the sport in its many dimensions. For me it is a hobby where im able to collect beautiful replicas and build my own from just the parts available here already in Australia. Im able to use my time and my hands in a way that makes me forget the pain and loss of movements of only a few years ago. Im a mod, or a techie I guess you’d say and it has helped my enormously, although my bank account has suffered!! (Joke).
I like my other members here belive that anything can be used as a weapon, if it is used with deadly intent then justice is deserved to that person be it a knife or a pencil … even toys..
But because of the massive blanket bans others have done they’ve destroyed a sport and a hobby for so many of us, and we have no intentions of ever using these TOYS inappropriately. To those who wish to ban the sport, there are other options rather than blanket bans. If you had believed these toys were a problem then they’d have not been allowed amongst us before anyone even thought of banning them not 3 or 4 YEARS later.
We live in an over restrictive society which takes away too many things from individuals under the the belief theyre done for others safety.if gel blasters are banned in Western Australia you will be destroying a growing Australia wide healthy activity worth millions to Australians nation wide , a sport which is becoming known where Australians are leading the development of more efficient gel blasters as well as new ways to play such as the speedy bois style of cqb games a new , amazingly fast growing international league where Australia leads the way.
Remember that we are Western Australians and we can be different to other states and become one of the few that regulate the industry and the hobby as it grows and we can do that right now without out right bans…. it only takes looking at anothers viewpoint to see how much this sport means to us.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Remember that we the players and others of the sport wish only the best for all Australians and bans made due to fear will in the long run hurt rather than help everyone out there.
Thats my 2 cents worth…. peace out.
Mark Kinsella
[email protected]

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