A great safe army like sport and outlet

It’s been wonderful watching my now 14 year old son be so passionate about a sport, a safe outlet for his army interests. The operators have always been so friendly and father like to my son who started at 12 always having been interested in army. He is an army cadet for the Australian defence force and this is a very very safe way for him to get exercise and be part of safe comradeship and an army like sport not sitting in front of the Xbox all day. It has brought him so much joy and belonging to a very responsible community who take the sport seriously and are fully aware of those responsibilities when it come to the community hence their being fields where they go to play. This has really been an amazingly uplifting sport for my son and many, many who are now crushed over this outrageous decision to take a sport away. A safe haven for anyone interested in army and gelblasters, it has provided so much happiness and as a parent much security in knowing my son is safe participating in the sport of gelball and not on the streets. This sport occupies so many people and gives them something safe to do that is still very adventurous but safe, a safe haven which also means good mental health and an avenvue for army like safe games. No one gets hurt. Walpol have taken away an entire sport and are punishing the good for the stupidity of a few criminals. Punishing the good people doing the right thing will not change the criminals 1 bit. Punish the criminals, not an entire sporting community who are doing the right thing. Sorry wapol but this is such an embarrassment on you, punishing the good people doing a sport will not help in your fight against people who are not part of this community ( the criminals) so really not sure why you are punishing people who are not criminals and are just playing a safe sport. This is a very poor choice and so much has been taken away by the very poor choice of the police minister. You have taken so many good peoples happiness and mental health away, all for a few criminals you can’t control. Why should good people pay? Gelballers do nothing wrong. They are not on the streets doing crime, they are occupied playing this sport. Go chase the criminals like you are paid to do and leave the good people who are committing no crimes alone. What a wonderful sport for families, kids and adults everywhere. People at a loose end found a place of belonging, for my son and his interests it’s given him a safe outlet and me as a parent piece of mind. Thank you Perth Gellball. May this ludicrous decision be overturned.

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