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The adrenalin-pumping, heart-yammering true story of Battle Group West “Bad Company”.  ‘This is no longer a volunteer unit,’ John (BC01) had said. ‘You’ll be issued a lightweight body bag. A number will be stencilled on the bag to correspond with your number on the roster. I want zippers on the inside and outside. You’ll use the body bag to stay dry when you sleep at night. If you’re shot you’ll crawl into the bag and do your best to zip it up to make recovery of your corpse easier. There are only four ways you can get out. First, you die and we ship your remains out in the bag provided. Second, you’re wounded and medivacked. Third, you DEROS (return home after tour of duty), or fourth, you provide me with a suitable replacement.

Welcome to Bad Company and a life of sleep deprivation, bad rations and the forging of a brotherhood. For the Special Forces gathered together to conduct a daring series of covert, intelligence-gathering operations for the Australian government, every day posed the threat of being killed-or worse, being taken prisoner. Under the command of John (BC01) a select group of battle hardened men lived life on the razor’s edge-and in the middle of a war still managed to have more than a few laughs. This is the gripping true story of life and death, the forever dangerous environment, and an enemy up close and personal.

Bad Company Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat Battlegroup West consists of BC, Danger Close and HellFish. “Ready To Strike”

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