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New Year’s First Games

Perth GBG’s first outdoor game of the year is at Carabooda on Jan 10th – https://perthgelballers.com/events/weekly-game-wasp-carabooda-2-2021-01-10/ Perth GBG CQB’s first game of the year, after our new layout construction, is going to be a Member’s Only Night on Jan 14th – https://perthgelballers.com/events/cqb-no-limits-thursday-3-2021-01-14

March Charge 2020

March Charge 2020 March Charge 2020

Keep Fit, Make a Stand Against Cancer Ladies play FREE for the entire month of March at CQB! We highly encourage you to donate the money saved to a charity that supports Cancer Research of your choosing. So come down any day and women can play the entire session, completely FREE.  All during the month […]

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