Shop FAQ

Can I just come by you shop and get a blaster?

Nope, sorry, all our orders are online only and we do not have an actual, physical store.  Our stock is kept elsewhere and our orders are filled within 2 days after receiving them.  Then we either ship them or have them available for pick-up from CQB.

Can I just give you cash on the spot?

Nope, sorry, see the answer above!

Do you have any [random item] in stock?

Whatever the website shows is what we’ve got going on.  If you don’t believe it, you’re welcome to ask, but be prepared to be told to check the website, haha.

When will you be getting more [random item] back in stock?

In short, we can’t say.  In these uncertain times of COVID it’s near-impossible to estimate when things will come in, but if it’s still listed on the website we still plan on stocking it.

Go to the product’s page, then you can enter your email to Get Notified for when more stock arrives.

I selected pick-up on Friday but can I come and get it Tuesday if I don’t make it in?

You bet.  Once your order is marked “Complete” and you’ve received the email informing you so, it’s ready to be picked up from CQB any time during open hours.

I need some [random item] urgently, can I order it tonight and pick it up in the morning?

Nope, see the first two answers.  Orders have to be picked and packed and brought to CQB for pick-up, and that takes up to 2 days.  You’ll receive an email when your order is marked “Complete”.

I can’t get to CQB this week to pick up my order, can you just bring it to Sunday’s game?

Nope, sorry.  If you can’t make it to CQB to pick it up, contact us about shipping or delivery options.

I paid for shipping and my order said “Completed” but I haven’t received it yet, so where is it?

Here’s the full info on Shipping, but the short answer is that we ask at least 5 business days to get your order into the post after it’s marked “Completed”.

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