All orders are processed as quickly as possible but there is a 2-day minimum order processing time for pickup and an additional 5-business day processing for shipping.  No exceptions.  You will be notified via email when you’re order is complete (and again with a tracking number if you’ve chosen shipping).


Shipping is based off of the Australia Post Parcel Post Guide and your post code along with the weight of the items.  You get a better rate the heavier it gets so don’t be afraid to make a BIG order!

Shipping price includes a handling fee because we don’t believe in jacking our prices up to cover shipping or offer it for free.

Region Weight (kg) Standard Express
WA – Perth 0 – 0.49 $20.00 $23.00
0.5 – 0.99 $23.00 $27.00
1 – 2.99 $26.00 $30.00
3 – 4.99 $30.00 $37.00
5 – 22 $33.00 $41.00
WA – Other 0 – 0.49 $22.50 $29.50
0.5 – 0.99 $25.50 $32.50
1 – 2.99 $28.50 $35.50
3 – 4.99 $32.50 $39.50
5 – 22 $35.50 $43.50

Orders will be shipped the following week after being marked “Complete” with a minimum 5 business day processing time.

Example: You get an email notifying you your order is complete on a Monday, you’ll get an email “note” on the order with a tracking number once it’s been shipped on the following Monday.

Note: Letter Rate doesn’t include a tracking number.

Note: You’re given a tracking number so that any and all information about the whereabouts of your order are in your hands.  Please refer to your tracking number before asking us where your order is.

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